It’s Time for the Spring Fling Kidlit Contest!

This fun contest is to write a story for kids 12 and under with a 150-word limit using a GIF as your inspiration. You can find more info here. My 143-word story was inspired by this ice cream gif. I placed it at the end so as not to spoil the surprise! Enjoy!

You and Me, Strawberry

You and only you picked me—Strawberry Ice Cream—dipped into a sugar cone. Strawberry? Really? When my frosty silver bin sits beside my much more colorful companions, cookies and cream, and chocolate chip cookie dough. I was your choice.

You did it! You are my heroine!

And now I bounce down the street with you, my cone snug inside your hand.

Wrapped in your love and happiness.

And I couldn’t be feeling any cheerier, even if the sun is making me dribble down your fingers. Sticky and sweet.

Your smile lights up the street. A strawberry on your chin.

It’s a lovely day. Spring is in the air, the flowers, the warm breeze.

But then, oouff! A crack in the sidewalk, you lose your grip and

SPLAT! My nose hits the sidewalk. and sprinkles are flying everywhere. Who will pick me up?


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