Fall Writing Frenzy 2022: The Shimmery Sidewalk

A quick last-minute entry into this year’s #FallWritingFrenzy2022. The Rules: write up to 200 words, inspired by one of the photos on the blog post; must be appropriate for children–from young-uns through to young adults. Enjoy! Please leave a comment and share if you like it.

Fall- Credit: Daniele Colucci for Unsplash

“Hurry, Sam,” my sister, Beth, cried out.

“It’s getting dark!” she added. “Mom wants us home already.”

“I know, I know,” I mumbled.

She turned the corner far ahead, disappearing into the dusk on this cold October night.

Under the foggy skies, drawings appeared on the pavement, shining. I hopscotched around the eerie ones. The ground shimmered as silvery water drops edged into the drain.

“Beth, wait up!” I called, but she was long gone.

I saw a light ahead, beckoning me.

Intrigued, I walked up to the house with the streetlight. It flashed at me like the nightlight in my hallway.

I heard a voice, “Come along, come along, my child, warm treats for you inside.”

I turned around but didn’t see anyone.

I edged closer.

“Just a few more steps, it’s all good,” the voice called me.

The sweet smell of cinnamon and chocolate drew me closer.

A woman in a cloak appeared.

I shivered.

“Sam,” she beckoned. “There you are.”

“Mom!” I cried. “Thank goodness. Are those cookies for me?”


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