The Artist’s Story

Welcome to “The Artist’s Story”

This is the first in a series of short interviews by Ms. Towbin with Ms. Riesco-Lind as part of a new series, “The Artist’s Story.”

Dina Towbin and Associates, a consulting firm in international development, is sponsoring this new and exciting series, bringing the voices of artists and writers from around the world to a broader audience.

My Love for Art, “The Artist’s Story” with Diana Riesco-Lind, premier episode

The Artist’s Story, Introducing Diana Riesco-Lind, episode 1 (photo: Si pudiera hablar me escucharías, Diana Riesco-Lind)

In this interview with Ms. Towbin, Diana Riesco-Lind, a multimedia artist from Peru, shares her story about how she got started as an artist, beginning with her love of doing art as a child. She explains how her family includes many artists and the familial support she received in choosing art as a profession.

Born in the Amazon region of Peru, Ms. Riesco-Lind’s art presents the full beauty and majesty of nature. You’ll see images of her oil paintings and embroidery. Her paintings are so realistic that they appear to be photographs. The power of her work draws you in. This is the first of six short episodes highlighting Ms. Riesco-Lind and her art. Stay tuned for new episodes. Subscribe on my YouTube channel!

Using Art to Communicate, “The Artist’s Story” with Diana Riesco-Lind, episode 2

In Ms. Towbin’s second interview with Diana Riesco-Lind, Ms. Riesco-Lind discusses what brought her to become an artist and how she uses art as a means to communicate different ideas. Several of her art works are included in the video. (photo: Navegador 2, Diana Riesco-Lind)

My Exhibitions in “The Artist’s Story” with Diana Riesco-Lind, episode 3

In Ms. Towbin’s third interview with Diana Riesco-Lind, the third episode of the series, “The Artist’s Story,” Ms. Riesco-Lind, a multimedia artist based in Lima, Peru, shares where her art has been exhibited and where to find it online.

The Artist’s Story, third episode (photo: Infiltrated, Diana Riesco-Lind)

A Day in the Life, in “The Artist’s Story” with Diana Riesco-Lind, episode 4

In episode 4 of “The Artist’s Story,” Ms. Towbin continues her interview with Ms. Riesco-Lind. Ms. Riesco-Lind shares a typical day as an artist. From conducting research for her art work to preparing for upcoming exhibitions, her day is focused on her art. She prepares each element of the exhibition using either her art studio at home or her ceramics studio in Barranco, a district of Lima, Peru. She shares images of her ceramics and her recent exhibits in Lima, Peru.

In episode 5 of “The Artist’s Story,” Diana Riesco-Lind explains the idea, design, and freestyle embroidery of her treasured work of her grandparents, Elsa and Harry. Her design is based on a black and white photograph of her grandparents arriving at the old airport in Pulcalpa, Peru. Diana added the colors to bring the scene to life. She uses freestyle embroidery that mixes cloth, different types of stitches, and techniques to give it a multidimensional feel. Visit and follow and for more information.

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