Welcome to my Blog

I started this blog to share some of my creative work–an autobiography, Haiku, a murder mystery, poems, short stories and the like–but also to share the creative minds and work of my fellow artists and writers.

I’ll be sharing the work and stories from artists and writers across the globe–from the USA to Peru to India to the Netherlands. (Photo taken @ Nippon Origami Museum, Narita Airport, Japan) Continue reading Welcome to my Blog

Why Did I Start this Blog?

People have asked me why did I start this blog. Why do I want to write about writing and about art? Why are they important to me? And why write about others? My answer: Without art and literature (and science), where would we be? Stuck in a mud puddle somewhere, perhaps? Writing opens new worlds. Have you ever started reading a story and forgotten the … Continue reading Why Did I Start this Blog?