Why Did I Start this Blog?

People have asked me why did I start this blog. Why do I want to write about writing and about art? Why are they important to me? And why write about others?

My answer: Without art and literature (and science), where would we be? Stuck in a mud puddle somewhere, perhaps?

  • Writing opens new worlds. Have you ever started reading a story and forgotten the world around you because you were so immersed in the story? Or read a poem that made your feet feel cold or your head feel hot or made you feel lonely or pensive or happy or sad? Writing can do that.
  • Art fills a similar space–it creates other worlds not yet seen. Or replicates the world around you with such detail or from another view that you never thought about. Perhaps you’ve been to a museum (in reality or virtually) and found yourself staring at one particular piece of art. You’re not sure why you are so enraptured, but there you are. The artist’s vision pulls you into another world.

My hope with this blog and website is to open some new worlds to you. To introduce you to artists and writers from around the world who are worthy of your attention.

If you’d like to add your thoughts, please do so below. Please follow my blog! Thank you!

(photo: Seine River, Paris, France, D. Towbin)


12 thoughts on “Why Did I Start this Blog?

  1. Thank you Dina for bringing to us your personal vision on art and writing. Am looking forward to seeing your work and the work of others! And I loved the video series on Meet the Artist!


  2. Very interesting Dina and l love the photos, l am looking forward to your next blog! l also enjoy watching your videos on Meet the Artist.


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