Wooden table with flowers in garden, Barranco, Lima, Peru with statues of children in the background

Using Art and Writing to “Talk about Anything”!

In my second YouTube interview with Diana Riesco-Lind she states, “you can use art to talk about anything.” A writer friend noted that this is “…an interesting statement. And isn’t this why we write? No limitations.”

No limitations! Freedom to write or say anything through our art. As a writer, I often use poetry to express my thoughts and find that even an everyday household object can trigger a poem.

For example, the other day, I was chopping onions and garlic for dinner as I’ve been doing every day since #COVID19 put us all in home isolation.

I thought of my FB friends who’s been counting the days @ home, one by one, losing track of time.

For me, I see the days go by in the number of onions (cebollas in Spanish) I chop nightly for dinner. And a poem was born.

Red onions
red onions

I started writing a poem that became “O’Cuarantena.” Here is an excerpt:

O’Cuarentena by Dina Towbin (c) 2020

I count the days not in hours or minutes or seconds,

But in cebollas chopped, garlic minced, and bags of beans soaking in water. 

Potatoes boiling in the pot…

Each day gives you an opportunity to write and create. Take the plunge.

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Cover photo by D. Towbin, @ Dédalo arte y artesanía, Barranco, Lima, Peru


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