Elegance painting in earth colors by P. Akiiki

Paulo Akiiki-Why I Became an Artist

Paulo Akiiki in his studio in Uganda

When I asked Paulo Akiiki, from Uganda, why he became an artist, his answer was short and sweet, “I reckon I was born an artist.” He only went to school to polish his ability to look at art “as the most incomparable original element of life. My art is an inspiration derived from mythical Vision, representing logic. My art also represents Reason. As an Artist I help the observers see the unknown.” His paintings use a rich array of earth colors to bring his vision to life.

The Mirror a painting in bold earth colors by Paolo Akiiki
The Mirror by Paulo Akiiki

We discussed the importance of art today during COVID-19. Paulo described art as being therapeutic. “It helps in recreating hope amongst those with pain. Art will tell stories. Peace and quiet. The world came to a near standstill. Clear skies with less pollutants. Silence has been the order of the day. Calmness, Serenity, Purity. Many artists and their families have found happiness in art. Humility has been restored amongst many communities. Art is one way of creating beauty, however, just like writers we document using the visual elements of color, composition, and beauty.”

Paulo sees “hope for a better art world in future.” His advice for up and coming artists—“The young generation must listen and follow guidelines from their respective authorities so as to defeat the COVID pandemic. Patience pays. We shall all weather the storm.” Paulo also emphasized the importance of an online presence for marketing and sharing your art with a global audience.

Viewing the Sun by Paulo Akiiki
Acrylic on Canvas, 45cm h x 90 cm w

He noted that art galleries and museums could take long to reopen so that artists would be wise to embrace the scientific methods of art sales and technological advancement’s huge influence on art trends, markets, and information sharing.

You can view and purchase Paulo’s art at his online store and view his profile on LinkedIn and see him create in this video. And follow him on FB here.

Paulo’s studio in Uganda

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Cover photo: Elegance by Paulo Akiiki, acrylic on canvas, 65cm h X 160cms w
Call or Whatsapp: +256 772542255


4 thoughts on “Paulo Akiiki-Why I Became an Artist

  1. We have five paintings in our house from Paulo Akiiki and absolutely love his work. They have withstood time and we get so many compliments on these pieces!


    1. A colleague met him in Uganda and purchased several of his paintings. She introduced us! Isn’t his art wonderful?


      1. Amazing stuff. Africa is the next powerhouse – in almost everything. We get the wrong messages. One day they’ll all be surprised, with their mouths open.


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