Mexican Tambien Project

Afro Latino También Project

Ruth Hickman, Ruth Hickman Photography

Ruth Hickman, of Ruth Hickman Photography, is an educator and visual storyteller, a native of the beautiful, sunny city of San Diego, California, and a passionate promoter of education, culture, travel, and people!

Ruth is one of the most creative, outgoing, engaging, and energetic entrepreneurial women I have ever known. She has a professional background in commercials, television, film, and education, and loves capturing life’s amazing moments in time with the art of photography, A teacher in California’s Riverside County Public school system by day, she also has a serious side hustle going on as Ruth Hickman Photography where she promotes Afro Mexican and Afro Latino heritage. She uses her photographs to tell stories and has traveled to multiple states in Mexico to photograph an Afro Mexican Project.

With the Afro Latino También project, Ruth celebrates the rich Afro Latino culture and heritage with the goal of bringing it into mainstream media. She explained her project recently in In2town Lifestyle magazine. “It’s all about bringing awareness to the beauty of darker skinned Mexicans and how they too should be cast in mass media such as commercials, films, telenovelas, ads. I’m hoping to achieve awareness that Afro Mexicans exist and educate many Mexicans about their own history which many of them deny, or just do not know the truth. I also want to provide mainstream opportunities in media for my models and all Afro Latinos globally. Dark skin is beautiful and needs to be marketed as well not just light skinned European Latinos.”

Ruth added, “My plan for the future is to travel to each Latin American country and create Iconic Afro Latino photography and videography! I want to document each Afro Latino culture in their country and my goal is to provide them commercial and media opportunities.”

You can support the Afro Latino También project and celebrate this rich heritage through her curated clothing and home accessories lines and sharing this post with others. Please follow her on Instagram and Facebook, and visit her site for more information.

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Models from Mexican Tambien photoshoot
All photographs by Ruth Hickman Photography


2 thoughts on “Afro Latino También Project

  1. Lovely, energetic, colorful report about a vibrant active US based audience. Thanks for sharing. She has an amazing business. Carol


    1. Thank you! Please follow my blog to see the stories of diverse artists and writers from around the world. Thank you.


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