Congrats to Ruth Hickman and the Afro Latino También Project

Visual Storyteller Ruth Carter Hickman Wins Alpha Female+ Grant

I’m pleased to announce that Ruth Hickman, of Ruth Hickman Photography, who I profiled earlier this year, recently won the Sony Alpha Female+ Grant. Ruth Carter Hickman, a traveling visual storyteller who uses digital media to showcase underrepresented cultures, won the Alpha Female+ Grant for her project on Mexican cultural icon-inspired portraits that reimagine traditional Mexican national treasures as Afro-Mexicans.  

“Through the lens of people of color, I have explored portraiture and forgotten histories and cultures of the African Diaspora,” explains Hickman. “As a traveling visual storyteller who specializes in digital media, my work is largely centered around cultural diversity and inclusion. Digital media has provided the best platform to showcase the beauty and humanity of underrepresented cultures, communities and people of color.”

You can support the Afro Latino También project and celebrate this rich heritage through her curated clothing and home accessories lines and sharing this post with others. Please follow her on Instagram and Facebook, and visit her site for more information.

Congratulations, Ruth!


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