Kaleidoscope Rocks the Literary World!

With an audience that spanned South and North America, the AWLC’s Kaleidoscope Zoom event on October 15th, 2020, proved to be an inspiring event. While supporting education in Peru, upwards of 50 listeners were treated to stories and poems from Argentina, England, Germany, Peru, the USA, and the world of imagination. Among the writers presenting were yours truly, Dina Towbin, as well as literary powerhouses, Rose Mary Boehm, Lauris Burns, Sara Fajardo, Jessica Federle, and Kathi Huber. Audience members were able to comment and ask questions of the writers, which made for an entertaining and enlightening evening. Two hours flew by as more than a dozen writers presented their works. Stay tuned as due to popular demand, there may be another mini-Kaleidoscope in the works!

If you’d like to make a donation to support education in Peru, please go to PayPal and send funds to Alicia Sacio at treasurer@awlcinperu.com using the “friends and family option.” Then send an email to treasurer@awlcinperu.com letting her know that you’ve just made a donation to support educational institutions in Peru! Every dollar helps!

If you are in Peru, please visit the AWLC site to sign up for events in October. Thank you!

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