6th Annual Valentiny Contest

I’m pleased to post my entry to Susanna Hill’s 6th Annual Valentiny Contest. This Valentine’s Day story must be appropriate for children (children here defined as ages 12 and under) maximum 214 words in which someone feels brave!

To the Tippity Top

“Ahoy there matey!” G yelled from the treehouse.

Screech! Riley stopped her bike and stared.

The tree seemed to stretch up to the sky.

“I’ve a bounty of Valentine Day treats! Come aboard!” G shouted.

“No, I don’t want to,” Riley answered softly. “I want to practice riding my bike. Look, no more training wheels.”

“Are you scared?” G asked.

“No, I’m not!” Riley said defiantly.

“Pffttt! Scaredy cat!” G said, scampering away.

Up and down the sidewalk, Riley rode, the wind whistling at her back.

“I’m not a scaredy cat! Am not! Am not!” Riley grumbled.

Faster and faster she rode, turned the corner and…

Screech! She stopped short. Something caught her eye.

Riley peered over the handlebars, jumped off her bike, and knelt down.

A ladybug was climbing a stalk of grass, chasing a heart-shaped beetle.

“She’s so brave,” Riley said. “Going to the tippity top.”

That gave Riley an idea.

Riley turned around and raced back to the treehouse.


And she climbed and climbed like her grandma taught her until her bike was as tiny as that ladybug.

“I’m here!” she sang out.

G turned around. “Where are you?”

“On top of the world! I am brave!” Riley said with her mouth stuffed with chocolates. “Let’s play pirates!”


9 thoughts on “6th Annual Valentiny Contest

  1. Lovely story – the being hesistant but getting inspired to, indeed, face the fears and climb up! There are so many layers in the ‘child’ story!

    Keep me informed about your other stories! Cheering for you from Holland


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